Maglev 2011 Technical Program & Oral Presentations Schedule_ORAL_0928.pdf 

Monday October 10 

16:00-18:00 Registration 
18:00-19:30 Welcome Reception 

Tuesday October 11 

08:00-10:00 Registration 

10:00-10:15 Opening Ceremony 

10:15-11:35 Keynote Speech 1 & 2 

1. Prof. Eisuke Masada (Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan) 
"The First 100 years of maglev" 

2. Prof. Jia-Su Wang (Southwest Jiaotong University, China) 

11:35-11:40 Group Photo 

11:40-13:30 Lunch 

13:30-17:10 - MAGLEV Development, Projects and Operational Results of High Speed and Urban Applications Worldwide (Rm 101) 

Chairs: Mr. Laurence Elvin Blow (Maglev Transport Inc., USA) 
Prof. Feel Soon Kang (Hanbat National University, Korea) 

1. "Urban Maglev in the United States - A Vision of the Future" 
Richard D. Thornton, James G. Wieler (MagneMotion, Inc., USA) 

2. "Application Research on Maglev Transportation in Shanghai" 
Xiangming Wu, Guobin Lin (Shanghai Maglev Transportation Engineering R&D Center) 

3. "The SwissRapide Express: Progress and Economic Aspects" 
Niklaus H Konig, Matthias Kummer, Anja G. Ludzuweit (SwissRapide AG, Switzerland) 

4 "The Maglev America Project: A 28,800 Mile National Maglev Network for the United States" 
James R. Powell, Gordon Danby (Maglev2000): ,James C. Jordan (Maglev Interstate Project), F.H. (Bud) Griffis, Hyunchul Choi (Polytechnic Institute of New York) 

5 "Technical Comparison of Maglev and Rail Rapid Transit Systems" 
Hamid Yaghoubi, Nariman Barazi, Keyvan Kahkeshan, Alireza Zare, Hossein Ghazanfari (Iran Maglev Technology (IRT), Iran) 

13:30-15:10 - Vehicles and Levitation/Guidance (Rm 102) 

Chairs: Prof Eisuke Masada (Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan) 
Prof. Jang Young Choi (Chungnam National University, Korea) 

1. "Design of an Integrated Gap Sensor for Urban Maglev Train" 
Jun Wu, Xiaorong Zeng, Wenwu Zhou, Wensen Chang (National University of Defense Technology, China) 

2. "Superconducting Self-balancing System for Vehicle Suspension and Guide" 
Gino D'Ovidio, Francesco Crisi, Giovanni Lanzara (University of L'Aquila, Italy) 

3. "Modeling and Optimization of EMS maglev Tracks to Avoid Track-Induced Self-Excited Vibration" 
Danfeng Zhou, Kun Zhang, Yaozong Liu, Jie Li (National University of Defense Technology, China) 

4. "Experimental Investigation of a High-Temperature Supercon ducting Magnet for Maglev" 
Ken Nagashima, Masafumi Ogata, Katsutoshi Mizuno, Yuuki Arai, Hitoshi Hasegawa, Takashi Sasakawa (Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI), Japan) 

5. "Research on Electromagnetic Suspension (EMS) Control Method Based on Force Balance" 
Junqi Xu, Yuan Zhou, Xiaodong Wu, Lijun Rong, Tao Qu (Shanghai Maglev Transportation Engineering R&D Center) 

15:30-17:10 - MAGLEV Development, Projects and Operational Results of High Speed and Urban Applications&n bsp;Worldwide (Rm 101) 

Chairs: Mr. James Grant Wieler (MagneMotion Inc., USA)- 
Prof. Han-Wook Cho (Chungnam National University, Korea) 

6. "Outlook of the Superconducting Maglev" 
Kazuo Sawada (JR Central, Japan) 

7. "Will the U.S. Miss its Opportunity for Maglev?" 
Laurance E. Blow (U.S. Maglev Coalition) 

8. "The First Full Scale Functional Prototye of the Superconducting Magnetically Levitated Vehicle MagLev-Cobra" 
R.M. Stephan, R. de Andrade Jr, A.C. Ferreira, OJ Machado, M.D.A. dos Santos (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ); G.G. Sotelo, D.H.N. Dias (Fluminense Federal University (UFF), Brazil) 

9. "Urban Maglev - Development Plans and Prospects" 
James G. Wieler, Richard D. Thornton (MagneMotion, Inc., USA) 

10. "Review of Incheon International Airport & Urban Maglev Interface" 
C.H. Song, K.S. Park, C.K. Kim (Incheon Inter national Airport) 

15:30-17:10 - Guideway and Infrastructure (Rm 102) 

Chairs: Prof. Gino D'Ovidio (University of L'Aquila, Italy) 
Dr. Hyungchui Kim (Korea Railroad research Institute) 

1. "Guideway Measurement System for Geometric Control of Short- and Long-ware Curve of the Science Museum Line" 
Ansgar Suding (Marx Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Germany), Ik Pyo Hong (Jungseol System Co., Ltd., Korea) 

2. "R esearch on High Speed Maglev Guideway System" 
Guangwei Cheng, Feng Ye, Dingxiang Chen (Shanghai Maglev Transportation Engineering R&D Center) 

3. "Development of Ground Coil Type of PLG for Maglev" 
Noriyuki Takahashi, Masao Suzuki, Masayuki Aiba (Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI), Japan) 

4. "Adaptation of Existing Railroad Trackage for Levitated Maglev Vehicle Operations" 
F.H. (Bud) Griffis, Hyunchul Choi (Polytechnic Institute of NYU, USA); James R. Powell, Gordon Danby (Maglev2000); James Jordan (Interstate Maglev Project, USA) 

5. "Maglev Guideway Structure Development by Max Bogl" 
Gerhard Hofstatter (Maz Bogl Bauunternehmen & CoKG, Germany) 

Wednesday October 12 

09:00-10:20 Keynote Speech 3 & 4 

3. Mr. Laurence E. Blow, MaglevTransport, Inc., USA 
"Status of Maglev Projects in the USA" 

4. Dr. Loeser Friedrich, ThyssenKrupp Transrapid GmbH 
"I mplementation Strategy for Transrapid Maglev Projects" 

10:20-10:40 Tea Time 

10:40-12:00 Keynote Speech 5 & 6 

12:00-13:30 Lunch 

13:30-14:50 - Economic and Planning/Feasibility Studies, Safety and Operational Control (Rm 101) 

Chairs: Dr. Friedrich Loeser (ThyssenKrupp Transrapid GmbH) 
Dr. Young-Jae Han (Korea Railroad Research Institute) 

1. "Comparison of Maglev and Wheel-rail Track Design Parameters with Focus on Routing, Operation, and Cost-efficiency" 
Martin Retzmann (International Maglevboard e.V., Germany) 

2. "Maglev System on the Island of Tenerife" 
Eckert Fritz (Institute of Railway Engineering, Germany). Peter Mnich (Institute of Railway Engineering, Berlin University of Technology, Germany) 

3. "Safety Management of Maglev Transportation Focusing on Risk Identification & Control" 
Tao Wu (Shanghai Maglev Transportation Engine ering R&D Center) 

4. "The Research, Development and Application of operation and Maintenance Management Information Platform (OMIP) of Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line" 
Weiq Cui, Wenfeng Huang, Ming Zhai, Dan Tang, Yi Yu (Shanghai Maglev Transportation Engineering R&D Center) 

13:30-14:50 - Propulsion, Linear Motors and Energy Supply (Rm 102) 

Chairs: Dr. Jiarong Fang (Magplane Technology, Inc., USA) 
Dr. Hyung-Suk Han (Korea Institute of Machinery & Mate rials) 

1. "Recent Advancement in Linear Drives Applied to Traction in Japanese Subways; Linear Metros" 
Takafumi Koseki (University of Tokyo), Eisuke Isobe (Japan Subway Association) 

2. "Proposal of Double-sided Type Transverse Flux Linear Synchronous Motor" 
Shin Jung-Seob, Takafumi Koseki (University of Tokyo); Kim Houng-Joong (Sung-Jin Royal Motion Co. Ltd., Korea) 

3. "Block Switches for LSM Driven Transportation System" 
In-Kun Kim, Phil Jeter (General Atomics, USA) 

4. "Inverter-fed Multiphase AC Linear Motor under Non-Traditional Control" 
A.V. Brazhnikov, I.R. Belozyorov, S.A. Molokitin (Siberian Federal University, Russia) 

14:50-16:00 - Poster Presentations (Rm 107) 

16:00-17:40 - MAGLEV - New Ideas (Rm101) 

Chairs: Prof. Richard Magdalena Stephan (Fed eral Universty of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 
Dr. Chang-Young Lee (Korea Railroad Research Institute) 

1. "Teaching Magnetic Levitation at Graduate Level" 
Jacek F. Gieras (University of Technology and Life Sciences, Poland) 

2. "System Requirements Verification Based on Requirements Traceability Management System" 
Kyung-Ryul Chung, Chun-Ho Choi, Chan Young Park (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) 

3. "The MaglevTube Puckpodcar for Mass Urban Transportation" 
Andries A. Louw (MLT Holdings, South Africa) 

4. "Status of MSBS Study at KAIST" 
Dong-Kyu Lee, Jun-Seong Lee, Jae-Hung Han (KAIST, Korea); Yoshiyuki Kawamura (FIT, Japan) 

16:00-17:40 - Propulsion, Linear Motors and Energy Supply (Rm102) 

Chairs: Mr. Martin Retzmann (The International Maglev Board) 
Dr. Doh Young Park (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials) 

1. "Design of a Position Detection Sensor for Linear Synchronous Motors" 
Jun Wu, Wenwu Zhou, Lu Li, Wensen Chang (National University of Defense Technology, China) 

2. "Energy Efficiency Variance Laws Acting in the Field of Multiphase Inverter-Fed AC Linear Motors" 
A.V. Brazhnikov, I.R. Belozyorov, S.A. Molokitin (Siberian Federal University, Russia) 

3. "A New Pipeline System Transporting Coal Ores" 
Jiarong Fang, John Lawson, D. Bruce Montgomery (Magplane Technology Inc., USA) 

4. "Research on the Technology of Power Filter and Compensation System for High Speed Maglev System" 
Jin Yu (Shanghai Maglev Transportation Engineering R&D Center) 

5. "Full Speed Range DTC Scheme of LIM for Maglev Vehicle with Efficiency Optimization" 
Ke Wang, Yaohua Li, Liming Shi, Qiongxuan Ge (Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science) 

18:00-20:00 Banquet Grand Ballroom (201) 

Thursday October 13 

09:00-09:20 Closing Ceremony 

09:20-12:00 Technical Tour KIMM 
13:30-18:00 Technical Tour KRRI