LDIA2005 Best Poster Awards

Mr. Martinez-Iturralde, M., TECNUM, University of Navarra, Spain
L26P2-1 "Simultaneous Motion and Normal Forces Control of Flat Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motors Employed as Actuators"

Dr. Gan, W.C., ASM Assembly Automation Ltd., Hong Kong
L26P2-8 "Analysis of Motor Driver Uncertainties in Linear Permanent Magnet Motor Control Systems"

Mr. Matsushita, T., Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
L26P7-2 "Basic Study of Linear Generator Configuration for Wave Power Generation"

Mr. Kakinoki, T., Sojo University, Japan
L27P3-10 "A Study on lightweight Hybrid Magnet Using Divided Iron Cores and Permanent Magnets for Magnetically Levitated Vehicle"

Mr. Henke, C., University of Paderborn, Germany
L27P5-7 "Convoy Operation of Linear Motor Driven Railway Vehicles"