LDIA2001 Excellent paper of the poster session

P1-8. Analysis of Different Models of Linear Induction Drives
Martinez-Iturralde,M., ATENCIA, Javier, Garcia Rico, A., Florez,J. (Universidad de Navarra, Spain)

P1-10. A Novel Linear Synchronous Motor with Half-Wave Rectified Self Excitation
Oyama, J., Higuchi, T., ABE, Takashi, Tanaka, H., Yamada, E. (Nagasaki University, Japan)

P1-22. A Study of Lateral Motion Damping of Electromagnetic Levitation System without Guide Magnets for Streetcars and Subways
Jifuku, Y., Yamaguchi, H., KAKINOKI, Toshio, Tono-oka R., Nomiyama T., Watanabe, F. (Sojo University, Japan)

P2-10. Improved Vibration Modelling of Reciprocating Air-Compressor
RENS, Jan Jozef, Clark, R.E., Howe, D. (University of Sheffield, UK)

P2-26. Design of a Linear Homopolar Motor for a Magnetic Levitating Transportation Vehicle
BRAKENSIEK, Dirk, Henneberger, G. (Aachen Institute of Technology, Grmany)