Invited and Special Sessions

Invitation to submit a Invited/Special Session Proposal:

In order to provide a site of debate for new and important topics, participants of SAMCON2022 are encouraged to organize an Invited Session and a Special Session. The papers in the Invited/Special Session should have 6 pages. The session can include one invited paper with 2 or 4 pages (intended for participants from industry). Prospective organizers are invited to submit their proposals by sending an application form to the Invited/Special Session Chairs.

The format of Invited/Special Session Proposal can be downloaded at :◆◆◆ Format of IS and SS

The e-mail addresses of the Invited/Special Session Chairs are as follows:

Prof. Toshimasa Miyazaki Nagaoka University of Technology miyazaki ( )
Prof. Masahide Ito Aichi Prefectural University masa-ito ( )

To send an e-mail, please replace ( ) with @ in the e-mail address.