Invited and Special Sessions

Invitation to submit a Invited/Special Session Proposal:

In order to provide a site of debate for new and important topics, participants of SAMCON2022 are encouraged to organize an Invited Session and a Special Session. The papers in the Invited/Special Session should have 4 or 6 pages. Prospective organizers are invited to submit their proposals by sending an application form to the Invited/Special Session Chairs.

The format of Invited/Special Session Proposal can be downloaded at : Format of IS and SS

The e-mail addresses of the Invited/Special Session Chairs are as follows:

Prof. Toshimasa Miyazaki Nagaoka University of Technology miyazaki ( )
Prof. Masahide Ito Aichi Prefectural University masa-ito ( )

To send an e-mail, please replace ( ) with @ in the e-mail address.

Invited Session 1 (IS1)

Title:"Motion Control for High Value-Added Mechatronic Systems"

Prof. Takenori Atsumi, Chiba Institute of Technology, takenori.atsumi()
Prof. Yoshiyuki Urakawa, Nippon Institute of Technology, urakawa.yoshiyuki()
Prof. Shota Yabui, Nagoya University, yabui()
Prof. Wataru Ohnishi, The University of Tokyo, ohnishi()

Invited Session 2 (IS2)

Title:"Design, Analysis and Control of Recent Robotic Application"

Prof. Chan Lee, Yeungnam University, chanlee()

Special Session 1 (SS1)

Title:"Motion Control Technologies for Future Scientific Satellite and Spacecraft Missions"

Prof. Susumu Hara, Nagoya University, haras()
Prof. Kenta Seki, Nagoya Institute of Technology, k-seki()

Special Session 2 (SS2)

Title:"New Actuation Technology for Advanced Motion System"

Tomoyuki Shimono, Yokohama National University, shimono-tomoyuki-hc()
Daisuke Yashiro, Mie University, yashiro()
Kenta Nagano, National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College, nagano()
Sakahisa Nagai, The University of Tokyo, nagai-saka()

Special Session 3 (SS3)

Title:"Novel Development of Motion Control"

Prof. Yoshiyuki Urakawa, Nippon Institute of Technology, urakawa.yoshiyuki()
Prof. Takenori Atsumi, Chiba Institute of Technology, takenori.atsumi()

Special Session 4 (SS4)

Title:"New Intelligent Sensing, Monitoring, and Diagnosis for Human Support Systems"

Prof. Tomoaki Kashiwao, Kindai University, kashiwao()
Prof. Shin-ichi Ito, Tokushima University, s.ito()
Prof. Masahide Ito, Aichi Prefectural University, masa-ito()
Prof. Naoki Motoi, Kobe University, motoi()

Special Session 5 (SS5)

Title:"Advanced Control of Vibrational and Underactuated Mechatronic Systems"

Prof. Huimin Ouyang, Nanjing Tech University, ouyang1982()
Prof. Ning Sun, Nankai University, sunn()

Special Session 6 (SS6)

Title:"Haptics and Data Robotics"

Prof. Seiichiro Katsura, Keio University, katsura()
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Brockmann, RWTH Aachen University, M.Brockmann()
Prof. Takahiro Endo, Kyoto University, endo()
Dr. Issei Takeuchi, Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works, issei()