List of Awards

SAMCON2023 Winners of Outstanding Paper Awards

Author(s) Affiliation Title
Yantian Li, Xian Wang, and Hao Duan Kunming University of Science and Technology Prescribed Performance Backstepping Control for Flexible Joint Manipulator with Unknown System Dynamics Estimator
Xiuying Xu, Beibei Hou, Pengbo Liu, Shuaishuai Lu, and Peng Yan Qilu University of Technology, and Shandong University Development of an Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller for Fast Tool Servo System
Masahiro Mae, Wataru Ohnishi, and Hiroshi Fujimoto The University of Tokyo Review on Multirate Feedforward Control with Mode Decomposition for Intersample Performance in Multi-Modal Motion Systems
Shunichi Sakurai and Seiichiro Katsura Keio University Hybrid Control of the Singularity-Free Parallel Robot with Actuation Redundancy

SAMCON2022 Winners of Outstanding Paper Awards

Author(s) Affiliation Title
Luyao Zhang, Juan Li, Shuwang Wang, and Shengquan Li Yangzhou University A Robust Vibration Controller for All-Clamped Plate with an Electrodynamic Inertial Actuator
Masayasu Suzuki and Mitsuo Hirata Utsunomiya University Pulse Drive Control Using Multi-Degree-Of-Freedom Modulation
Hiroki Kurumatani, Takuya Hayashi, and Akihiro Nakamura Digital Servo and Tokyo University of Science Robust Attitude Control of Quad-Rotor UAV Using Field Oriented Control

SAMCON2021 Winners of Outstanding Paper Awards

Author(s) Affiliation Title
Tomoyuki Shimono, Shodai Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Hatta, Hiroshi Asai, and Yasutaka Fujimoto Yokohama National University, Gifu University, and Keio University Mathematical Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, and Experimental Verification of Cross-Coupled 2-DOF Tubular SPMSM
Shuzong Xie, Qiang Chen, and Shubo Wang Zhejiang University of Technology Qingdao University Finite-Time Prescribed Performance Control for Attitude Tracking of Uncertain Spacecraft
Kodai Fujisaki and Seiichiro Katsura Keio University In-Tool Motion Sensing for Reproduction of Violin Performance

SAMCON2020 Winners of Outstanding Paper Awards

Author(s) Affiliation Title
Takenori Atsumi and Shota Yabui Chiba Institute of Technology, Nagoya University Magnetic-Head Positioning Control with Quadruple-Stage Actuator
Toshiaki Tsuji, Daisuke Okumura, Ryuya Tamura, and Sho Sakaino Saitama University, University of Tsukuba High Dynamic Range Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensors for Dexterous Robots
Toshiya Nakamura, Daisuke Yashiro, Kazuhiro Yubai, and Satoshi Komada  Mie University Design of Torque Controller for Ultrasonic Motor with Angular-Velocity Saturation

SAMCON2019 Winners of Outstanding Paper Awards

Author(s) Affiliation Title
Yuma Yazaki, Wataru Ohnishi,
Takehiro Imura, Hiroshi Fujimoto,
Koichi Sakata, Atsushi Hara, Zhaoxiang Chen,
Kazuhiro Yokoyama, and Kazuhiro Suzuki
The University of Tokyo Evaluation of Disturbance Caused by Cable Tension in Multi-axis High-Precision Stage using Wireless Power Transfer
Chaodong Jiang, Jun Yang,
Shihua Li Mengdi Zhou, and Kaifeng Yang
Southeast University Model Predictive Control Design for PMSM Servo System Based on Friction-Compensation and Extended State Observer
Takuya Matsunaga, Tomoyuki Shimono,
and Kouhei Ohnishi
Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology Development of Multi Degree of Freedom Haptic Forceps Robots with Multi Actuated Fingers

SAMCON2018 Winners of Outstanding Paper Awards

Author(s) Affiliation Title
Wataru Ohnishi and
Hiroshi Fujimoto
The University of Tokyo Review on Multirate Feedforward: Model-Inverse Feedforward Control for Nonminimum Phase Systems
Akira Yamaguchi,
Kiyoshi Ohishi,
Yuki Yokokura, and
Toshimasa Miyazaki
Nagaoka University of Technology Mechanical-Backlash-based Minimum Jerk Final-state Control for Shockless Clutch Engagement
Yoshiyuki Urakawa Nippon Institute of Technology Vibration Suppression by Pole Zero Cancellation with Limited Pole Placement Method
Masayasu Suzuki and
Mitsuo Hirata
Utsunomiya University A Study on PWM-Type Input Systems: Ability of Multiple Pulses to Generate Arbitrary Vectors and Exact Linearization

SAMCON2017 Winners of Outstanding Paper Awards

Author(s) Affiliation Title
Takashi Ohhira and Akira Shimada Shibaura Institute of Technology Movement Control Based on Model Predictive Control with Kalman Filter Including Disturbance Estimation
Kazuya Tamura and Atsuo Kawamura Yokohama National University Virtual Impedance Control for Humanoid Robots with Adaptive Foot Placement
Tatsuya Mori, Akira Furukawa, and Kichiro Yamamoto Mitsubishi Electric Corp. A Novel Technique to Reduce Capacitor Currents in DC Bus of PWM Double Inverters with Current

SAMCON2017 Winners of Excellent Presentation Awards

Author Affiliation Title
Tatsuru Senyo Nagoya Institute of Technology Hysteresis Modeling and Adaptive Feedforward Compensation Based on NLMS Algorithm in Piezoelectric Actuators
Christophe CYUSA S. Yokohama National University Servo Control Feasibility of a Magnetic Screw-Like Radial-Gap RotLin Actuator
Shin'ichi Osada Yokohama National University, Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology Experimental Verification of Active Motion Evaluation by Mechanical Power Factor Analysis Using the Specific Frequency Component
Hiroshi Nakamura Nagaoka University of Technology Sensorless Force Control System Using Friction-Free First Order Disturbance Observer
Kazumasa Miura Keio University Constraint Control of Variable-Structured Elastic Mechanism Based on Passive Disturbance Observer
Yudai Okajima Shibaura Institute of Technology Harmonic Current Control for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Using Complex Vector Control
Yoshi Ri The University of Tokyo Image Based Visual Servo Application on Video Tracking with Monocular Camera Based on Phase Correlation Method

SAMCON2016 Award Winners

Author Affiliation Title Paper Num. Page Num.
Shunsuke Sasaki Yokohama National University Impact Force Control by Helicalmotor TT1-3 pp.1-6
Makoto Kanemaru Mitsubishi Electric Corporation New Evaluation Factor for Inter-Turn Stator Winding Fault Detection Based on Negative Sequence Components in Induction Motors TT2-2 pp.1-4
Shogo Shinoda Mie University Fully Parameterized Multivariable Controller Design Minimizing Closed-Loop Interaction by Iterative LMI Optimization TT3-6 pp.1-6
Takumi Kurosawa Yokohama National University Torque Sensorless Control for Electric Power Assisted Bicycle with Instantaneous Pedaling Torque Estimation TT4-4 pp.1-6
Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi Yokohama National University An Experiment of Moving Power Transmission Using Coaxial Contactless Power Transmission for Electric Railway TT5-5 pp.1-6
Kazuya Tamura Yokohama National University Center of Mass State Based Control for Bipedal Robot TT6-4 pp.1-6
Yusuke Asai Nagaoka University of Technology Mechanical Admittance Control Based on Feedforward Compensation for Fine Realization of Impedance TT7-1 pp.1-6
Hiroto Mizoguchi Saitama University Bilateral Control Using Functional Electrical Stimulation Considering Muscle Length TT8-6 pp.1-6
Xi Lele The University of Tokyo Force Sensorless Power Assist Control for Wheelchair on Flat Road Using Recursive Least Square with Multiple Forgetting TT9-1 pp.1-6
Hiroyuki Kitamura Saitama University Development of Chair-Type Tactile Interface Utilizing Body Motion V-2 pp.1-2
Keita Takewaka Mie University Feedforward Controller Design for NMP System Using Input/Output Data V-7 pp.1-2
Shota Fujihara Nagoya Institute of Technology Experimental Evaluations of Force Control Using Reaction Force Observer Considering Friction Dynamics V-10 pp.1-2

SAMCON2015 Award Winners

Author Affiliation Title Paper Num. Page Num.
Naotaka Fujii Keio University Instantaneous Phase Based Analysis of Writing Motion for Task Recognition Using 3-DOF Motion-Copying System TT1-1-3 pp.1-6
Masahide Ito Aichi Prefectural University Estimation Recovery of Depth Observers by Using Periodic Image-based Visual Servoing TT1-2-2 pp.1-4
Masato Koyama Yokohama National University External Force Feedback with Velocity Reference Zero Power Controller for Helical Motor TT2-3 pp.1-6
Wataru Ohnishi The University of Tokyo Proposal of Decoupling Control Method for High-Precision Stages Using Multiple Actuators Considering the Misalignment among the Actuation Point, Center of Gravity, and Center of Rotation TT3-1-6 pp.1-6
Taichi Mouri Mie University Suppression of Performance Degradation in a Reconfigurable Robot with Wireless Transmission Based on Quantization Error Observer TT3-2-5 pp.1-4
Yuta Ikezawa The University of Tokyo Range Extension Autonomous Driving for Electric Vehicles Based on Optimal Vehicle Velocity Trajectory Generation and Front-Rear Driving-Braking Force Distribution with Time Constraint TT4-1-3 pp.1-6
Shuhei Shimmyo Toshiba Corporation Optimal Equivalent Carrier Frequency of Multi-level Motor Drives to Minimize Torque Ripple with Dead Time Disturbance Observer TT4-2-2 pp.1-6
Naoaki Niizuma The University of Electro-Communications Formation Control of Multi-agent Systems with Input Constraints and Obstacle Avoidance TT5-1-1 pp.1-6
Nobukatsu Konishi The University of Tokyo Vertical Velocity Control of Electric Airplanes by Using Propeller Slipstream for Safe Landing TT5-2-1 pp.1-6
Nobuto Yoshimura Keio University A Gain Scheduling Method of Force-based Control Scheme in Time-delayed Teleoperation System TT5-3-2 pp.1-6
Yukiko Osawa Keio University Control of Thermal Conductance with Detection of Single Contacting Part for Rendering Thermal Sensation TT6-1-6 pp.1-6
Takahiro Mizoguchi Keio University Evaluation of Bilateral Control System based on Magnitude and Phase of Impedance TT6-2-1 pp.1-6
Daisuke Yashiro Mie University Bottleneck Link Bandwidth Estimation Method for Visual-Haptic Communication TT7-4 pp.1-6
Daisuke Yamaoka Graduate school of Hosei University Development of a Surgical Robot with Force Feedback for Single-Port Surgery and Its Position Tracking Control TT8-1 pp.1-6
Satoshi Sadamura Yokohama National University Human Detection using a Single 2D Laser Range Finder V-3 pp.1-2
Ryota Isobe Mie University Estimation of Controller Performance Using Information of Local Intelligence for a Reconfigurable Robot V-14 pp.1-2
Koji Watanabe National Institute of Technology, Toyota College Load Position Estimation of Table Systems and Its Application for Load Position Control V-21 pp.1-2