List of Awards

SAMCON2016 Award Winners

Author Affiliation Title Paper Num. Page Num.
Shunsuke Sasaki Yokohama National University Impact Force Control by Helicalmotor TT1-3 pp.1-6
Makoto Kanemaru Mitsubishi Electric Corporation New Evaluation Factor for Inter-Turn Stator Winding Fault Detection Based on Negative Sequence Components in Induction Motors TT2-2 pp.1-4
Shogo Shinoda Mie University Fully Parameterized Multivariable Controller Design Minimizing Closed-Loop Interaction by Iterative LMI Optimization TT3-6 pp.1-6
Takumi Kurosawa Yokohama National University Torque Sensorless Control for Electric Power Assisted Bicycle with Instantaneous Pedaling Torque Estimation TT4-4 pp.1-6
Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi Yokohama National University An Experiment of Moving Power Transmission Using Coaxial Contactless Power Transmission for Electric Railway TT5-5 pp.1-6
Kazuya Tamura Yokohama National University Center of Mass State Based Control for Bipedal Robot TT6-4 pp.1-6
Yusuke Asai Nagaoka University of Technology Mechanical Admittance Control Based on Feedforward Compensation for Fine Realization of Impedance TT7-1 pp.1-6
Hiroto Mizoguchi Saitama University Bilateral Control Using Functional Electrical Stimulation Considering Muscle Length TT8-6 pp.1-6
Xi Lele The University of Tokyo Force Sensorless Power Assist Control for Wheelchair on Flat Road Using Recursive Least Square with Multiple Forgetting TT9-1 pp.1-6
Hiroyuki Kitamura Saitama University Development of Chair-Type Tactile Interface Utilizing Body Motion V-2 pp.1-2
Keita Takewaka Mie University Feedforward Controller Design for NMP System Using Input/Output Data V-7 pp.1-2
Shota Fujihara Nagoya Institute of Technology Experimental Evaluations of Force Control Using Reaction Force Observer Considering Friction Dynamics V-10 pp.1-2

SAMCON2015 Award Winners

Author Affiliation Title Paper Num. Page Num.
Naotaka Fujii Keio University Instantaneous Phase Based Analysis of Writing Motion for Task Recognition Using 3-DOF Motion-Copying System TT1-1-3 pp.1-6
Masahide Ito Aichi Prefectural University Estimation Recovery of Depth Observers by Using Periodic Image-based Visual Servoing TT1-2-2 pp.1-4
Masato Koyama Yokohama National University External Force Feedback with Velocity Reference Zero Power Controller for Helical Motor TT2-3 pp.1-6
Wataru Ohnishi The University of Tokyo Proposal of Decoupling Control Method for High-Precision Stages Using Multiple Actuators Considering the Misalignment among the Actuation Point, Center of Gravity, and Center of Rotation TT3-1-6 pp.1-6
Taichi Mouri Mie University Suppression of Performance Degradation in a Reconfigurable Robot with Wireless Transmission Based on Quantization Error Observer TT3-2-5 pp.1-4
Yuta Ikezawa The University of Tokyo Range Extension Autonomous Driving for Electric Vehicles Based on Optimal Vehicle Velocity Trajectory Generation and Front-Rear Driving-Braking Force Distribution with Time Constraint TT4-1-3 pp.1-6
Shuhei Shimmyo Toshiba Corporation Optimal Equivalent Carrier Frequency of Multi-level Motor Drives to Minimize Torque Ripple with Dead Time Disturbance Observer TT4-2-2 pp.1-6
Naoaki Niizuma The University of Electro-Communications Formation Control of Multi-agent Systems with Input Constraints and Obstacle Avoidance TT5-1-1 pp.1-6
Nobukatsu Konishi The University of Tokyo Vertical Velocity Control of Electric Airplanes by Using Propeller Slipstream for Safe Landing TT5-2-1 pp.1-6
Nobuto Yoshimura Keio University A Gain Scheduling Method of Force-based Control Scheme in Time-delayed Teleoperation System TT5-3-2 pp.1-6
Yukiko Osawa Keio University Control of Thermal Conductance with Detection of Single Contacting Part for Rendering Thermal Sensation TT6-1-6 pp.1-6
Takahiro Mizoguchi Keio University Evaluation of Bilateral Control System based on Magnitude and Phase of Impedance TT6-2-1 pp.1-6
Daisuke Yashiro Mie University Bottleneck Link Bandwidth Estimation Method for Visual-Haptic Communication TT7-4 pp.1-6
Daisuke Yamaoka Graduate school of Hosei University Development of a Surgical Robot with Force Feedback for Single-Port Surgery and Its Position Tracking Control TT8-1 pp.1-6
Satoshi Sadamura Yokohama National University Human Detection using a Single 2D Laser Range Finder V-3 pp.1-2
Ryota Isobe Mie University Estimation of Controller Performance Using Information of Local Intelligence for a Reconfigurable Robot V-14 pp.1-2
Koji Watanabe National Institute of Technology, Toyota College Load Position Estimation of Table Systems and Its Application for Load Position Control V-21 pp.1-2