Paper Submission

Final Paper Submission Guideline

Instructions for Authors

Prospective authors are invited to electronically submit regular papers of their original works. Papers must be written in English and should be 6 or 4 pages for regular and invited sessions and 1 or 2 pages for video and interactive sessions including figures and tables. Papers should follow the IEE Japan double-column format (A4 size).

We strongly recommend to use standard templates for SAMCON 2016 in LaTeX and MS Word format below. Please use them to create your paper, but do not modify the style nor the format under any circumstances:

Detailed guidelines for creating manuscripts are found here:


Copyrights of all papers submitted to the technical meetings of the IEEJ shall be transferred to the IEEJ in principle. The authors are requested to submit the "Copyright transfer form" together with the paper manuscript at the same time. The authors should read and understand Copyrights Clause as described in the Author's Guidelines for the technical meetings of the IEEJ.

Copyright Transfer Form (MS-Word file)

Paper Submission

Final papers and copyright transfer forms must be submitted via IEEJ SAMCON 2016 Manuscript Submission System before the deadline. Only PDF files will be accepted for publication.

Final Submission (Registration is required before submission) (Closed)

Preparation for Presentation Materials

Regular and Invited Sessions

Each speaker has 20 minutes for his presentation, including time for computer preparation, questions, and discussion. A typical presentation will include one minutes for PC preparation and the speaker's introduction by the chairperson, and the remaining 19 minutes for the actual presentations including approximately four minutes of Q&A discussion. All sessions must run on time. Each room is equipped with a video projector. The speakers must bring their own PC and operate it by themselves.

Instructions for Speakers can be download as pdf.

Video and Interactive Sessions

A video clip of 1.5 to 3 minutes illustrating a scientific contribution including background, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions should be prepared by authors. The video should be self-explanatory thanks to a comprehensive narration recorded in author's voice. In the video sessions, each speaker has 1.5-3 minutes to play the video clip followed by 2-3.5 minutes for Q&A discussion. Each video session is followed by the corresponding interactive session. Authors must present their works both in the video session and the interactive session.

An interactive session is scheduled after each video session. Authors must present their works both in the interactive session and the video session. During the scheduled core time of the presentations, all assigned speakers should be present in front of their poster boards and be prepared to explain them. Area of the poster may not exceed two pages of A1 paper size (841 mm x 594 mm / 33.1" x 23.4") as shown below. Only portrait format is acceptable. Presenters should put up their posters with the pushpins available in the session room provided by the secretariat. No other equipment or electricity for image/video projection will be provided.