Invited Sessions

Invited Sessions

Invited Session 1

Title: "Haptics and its related technologies"
Yutaka Uchimura, Shibaura Institute of Technology (uchimura ( )
Takahiro Endo, Kyoto University (endo ( )
Daisuke Yashiro, Mie University (yashiro ( )

Invited Session 2

Title: "Optimization benchmark problems for industrial applications and related researches"
Kazuyuki Mori, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Mori.Kazuyuki ( )

Invited Session 3

Title: "Intelligent sensing applications for human assistive systems"
Hiroshi Igarashi, Tokyo Denki University (h.igarashi ( )
Sota Shimizu, Keio University (sota ( )

Invited Session 4

Title: "Emerging Technologies in Motion Control"
Kazuhiro Yubai, Mie University (yubai ( )
Tadanao Zanma, Chiba University (zanma ( )
Ryogo Kubo, Keio University (kubo ( )
Takahiro Nozaki, Keio University (nozaki ( )

Invited Session 5

Title: "High Precision Motion Control"
Kazuaki Ito, National Institute of Technology, Toyota College (kazu-it ( )
Hiroshi Fujimoto, The University of Tokyo (fujimoto ( )

Invitation to submit a Invited Session Proposal:

In order to provide a site of debate for new and important topics, participants of SAMCON2016 are encouraged to organize a Invited Session. The papers in the Invited Session should have 4 pages, which can be extended to 6 pages. The session can include one invited paper with 2 pages (intended for participants from industry). Prospective organizers are invited to submit their proposals by sending the form to the Invited Session Chairs.
The format of Invited Session Proposal can be downloaded at : Format of IS

The e-mail addresses of the Invited Session Chairs are as follows:

Yutaka Uchimura Shibaura Institute of Technology uchimura ( )
Tomoyuki Shimono Yokohama National University shimono ( )