General Information


All foreign visitors wishing to enter Japan must have a valid passport. Visas may also be required for participants coming from the corresponding countries. For further information, participants are recommended to consult their carrier, local travel agencies or the nearest Japanese diplomatic mission.


Japan lies in the North Temperature Zone, so the climate is mild in general and similar to that of the middle belt of the United States and central or southern Europe. At the time of year in which the conference will be held in Japan(Tokyo), the average temperature is 8.7 C or 48 F (Max 13.6 C, Min 4.4 C) and humidity is 55%.


The local currency is Japanese Yen (JPY). Major foreign currencies such as U.S. Dollars and Euro can be changed at the airport or authorized banks. It is possible that you may have trouble in changing money into local currency if you bring other than main international currencies. Banking hours are 9:00 to 15:00, Monday through Friday except National Holidays.


All conference participants are strongly advised to carry the proper travel and health insurance. The conference cannot accept liability for any accidents or injuries that may occur at the conference. Please consult your travel agent regarding the matter.


A convenient and economical pass can be used by visitors from abroad for traveling in Japan. For details please contact travel agents in your countries. The Japan Rail Pass cannot be purchased in Japan.


Tipping is not common in Japan, except when special service is requested.